Privacy Policy Statement for ProHealth.Guide (Last update: 10/01/2021)

Your privacy

ProHealth.Guide respects your legal rights of privacy when collecting, storing, using, processing and transmitting personal data and this Privacy Policy Statement explains our privacy practices. We comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (PDPO) of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region when collecting, holding, using and/or processing your personal data. In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff to the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.

The following states our policy and practices regarding how your personal data will be collected, treated and processed. By providing your personal data to us, you are consenting to this PPS and the collection, use, transfer, storage and processing of your personal data as described in this PPS.

The term “personal data” stated in this policy shall have the meaning ascribed to it by the PDPO.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have a legal representative such as a parent or guardian accepting this Policy on your behalf before providing any personal data to us.

If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese version of this PPS, the English version shall prevail.

Collection of Personal Data

ProHealth.Guide may collect “personal data” from you when we provide goods or services to you. “Personal data” means any information which relates to a living individual and can be used to identify that individual. “Personal data” include without limitation: names; email and postal addresses;  phone number; payment information; type of identification document and full identification document number.

Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data

At different situations you may be invited to provide personal data to the ProHealth.Guide on a voluntary basis. ProHealth.Guide will specify the collection purpose and intended usage of your data when it invites you to provide such information.

Unless permitted or required by law, ProHealth.Guide will not disclose your personal data to any third parties without your prior consent.

Links to Other Websites

If you use our websites, there may be hyperlinks linking to another website. If you click on any of these hyperlinks, you will leave our websites for another location. At any other website, the protection of your privacy, personal data and your exposure to cookies are not our responsibility and you are advised to refer to the privacy policy of that other location (if any).

Some of our websites may allow you to link and/or connect to third party social networking sites. If you choose to link and/or connect to these third party social networking sites, we may be able to collect certain personal data from your social networking profile provided to us by the social networking site. In that case, we will collect and use such personal data only for the purpose of providing you with the connection to the social networking site.


Some of our websites use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses “cookies” to help our websites analyze how users use those websites. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device (e.g. on your computer) when you visit or access a website. A cookie can be used to identify a computer or a mobile device. It, however, is not used to collect any personal information and do not recognize you personally. In other words, it does not have the function of identifying an individual user of our websites. Within our websites cookies are used to track the use of and monitor traffic on our websites, as well as to improve, customize and enhance your browsing experience.

On some pages, we feature embedded “share” buttons or widgets that enable you to connect to other social networking sites. These sites may set cookies which can identify you as an individual when you are logged in to their services. We do not control these cookies and you should check the relevant third-party website to see how your information is used and how to opt-out.

If you use or continue using our websites, we will assume that you are happy for us to set cookies. You may choose to reject all or some cookies at any time by changing the setting of your web browser on your device. Please visit to find out how to manage cookies. However, please be aware that if you choose to delete or restrict cookies, you will not be able to use some of the functions of our websites.

Data Security

ProHealth.Guide will take all practicable steps to protect the personal data we hold against unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure, loss or use, and ensure the integrity, prudence and competence of persons having access to the data.

Use of Personal Data in legal proceedings

If it becomes necessary that ProHealth.Guide have to take action against you for any reason whatsoever including recovering from you any money you owe us, you expressly agree that the personal data provided by you can be relied upon in identifying and taking legal action against you.

Your right to access and correct Personal Data

You may at any time request access to and correct personal data relating to you in any of our records. You may also ask us to delete your personal data. In response, we may ask you to provide certain details about yourself so that we can be sure you are the person to whom the data refers. We will respond to your requests within 30 days. We may also charge you a reasonable fee for complying with any data access request.

Retention of Personal Data

Personal data provided by you are retained for as long as the purposes and any directly-related purposes for which such data were collected continue. Once it is not necessary to use the Personal data to fulfil such purposes (and directly-related purposes), they are then destroyed within one year unless their retention is required to satisfy legal, regulatory or accounting requirements or to protect the ProHealth.Guide’s interests.


Data privacy have to be balanced against other important rights or public interest. PDPO provides a number of exemptions from some compliance requirements under particular circumstances. Examples include crime prevention or prosecution, security and defence, statistics and research, news activity, protecting a data subject’s health etc. There is also an exemption if the use of personal data is required or authorised by law or court order or is required for exercising or defending legal rights in Hong Kong. 

How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy Statement, or wish to access to, correct or delete personal data relating to you in any of our records, please email us at [email protected]

This Privacy Policy Statement is subject to change. Any changes and the most recent update date will be posted on this page. Your continued use of our websites after the posting of such changes indicates your acceptance to the same.














我們的網站可能含有連結其他網頁的超連結(hyperlink),如你按下任何連結,你會離開ProHealth.Guide健康街網站而進入另一個位置,我們並不負責保護你在瀏覽其他網頁時可能洩漏的私隱、個人資料及可能受到 “曲奇” (cookies) 的影響,你應自行參閱該位置的私隱政策(如有)。


曲奇 (cookies)

我們某些網站使用由Google, Inc.提供的Google Analytics。Google Analytics 使用“曲奇”幫助我們的網站分析使用者使用這些網站的情況。曲奇是每當你訪問或瀏覽一個網頁時儲存於你的設備(例如你的電腦) 內的一個文檔。 曲奇可用於辨認電腦或手機設備,但不用於收集個人資料及不會識別你。即是,曲奇沒有識別我們網站使用者的功能。於我們的網站內,曲奇會被用於追蹤及監察我們網站的使用情況以及改善、定制及提升你瀏覽網站的體驗。


若你使用或繼續使用我們的網站,我們會假定你樂意接受我們設定曲奇。你可透過更改你設備上的網站瀏覽器的設定隨時選擇拒絕全部或某些曲奇。請到 了解管理曲奇的方法。然而,請留意若你選擇刪除或限制曲奇的使用,你可能將不能使用我們的網站的某些功能。












如果對本隱私政策聲明有任何疑問,或者希望存取、更正或刪除我們紀錄中與你有關的個人資料,請發送電子郵件至 [email protected]